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About Us

Patrice Rochae' Adams, was born June 29, 1990, in Temple, Texas. Patrice made a profession of faith in Christ and attended Life Point Church in Lebanon, and also Sanctuary of Praise Church in Springfield, Missouri. She appreciated the love and prayers from her church families.


As part of a military family, Patrice moved to Lebanon from Fort Polk, Louisiana. She attended Lebanon High School and graduated with the class of 2008. She was currently attending OTC and studying Early Childhood Development, and working at Emerson. Making friends was easy for Patrice. She had an outgoing personality and fit right in with her classmates and co-workers. They loved her as she did them. Patrice was a talented dancer, excelling in ballet. She danced with the School of Performing Arts for several years. She was not only talented, but beautiful, inside and out. Her outward beauty allowed her to do some modeling for ETC Bridal in Lebanon. 


Patrice was full of life and always on the go. She enjoyed hula hooping, listening to music, floating the river and attending music festivals. However, time spent with her family and close friends is what she treasured most. Our daughter passed away in February 2015, at the age of twenty-four years. Patrice is survived by her parents, Eric and Rochelle Spieler of Lebanon, MO; One brother and three sisters. We were fortunate enough to have insurance and the means to lay our child to rest with ease. However, everyone doesn't have the means to give their child or loved one a final farewell. This is why we have decided to assist grieving parents who lack the funds to cover burial-related costs and give them support so that they can say a proper goodbye.


When families cannot afford to cover burial-related costs, the cremated remains are left in bags, boxes and other containers inside funeral homes. In many cases, physicians or healthcare facilities may refer families to nonprofit organizations that offer monetary assistance to people who need help funding end-of-life costs. This is why we founded, Patrice Adams Foundation. Our love for our daughter, Patrice, goes beyond words and we know she would want us to give back and provide the support other families may need during their time of bereavement. 

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